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Imagine ... We make your phone ring & ring & ring!
That's what we do,
Bring You New customers.
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Easily acquire your ideal customers. Save your time and money.

We help you do it, or better yet, have us bring ideal customers to you.
Believe this, your ideal customer has the money and will be eager to deal with you.

    Think about it, we can:
  • * Help you 'enhance folks enjoyment' of their outdoor world and spread the word about you!
  • * Grow the business of your dreams by connecting with your ideal customers.
  • * We power through the heavy lifting for you to bring you more customers.
  • * We can teach you how to 'reach your ideal customers'

  • * * When you choose OWR we give you Outdoor WebResults
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These fine folks worked with us to bring customers their way

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Full disclosure: the awesome brands above worked with us through HotSpotOutdoors.


Turnkey Solutions Bring Customers to YOU

Responsive Website Design Website Updates
Content Marketing Custom Copywriting
Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.
Adwords Marketing Keyword Value Research
Search Engine Optimization Link Building
Domains & Hosting [email protected]
Google Places Integration Citation Building
Video Creation Video Marketing

Use Cornerstone Content On Your Website

Not sure what cornerstone content is?

Here’s a quick explanation: Website owners use cornerstone content to answer the fundamental questions their newest prospects have. Cornerstone pages are informative, instructive, and they help your prospects understand the foundational information needed to interact with your business.

Cornerstone content pages answer those cocktail party questions. You know the ones I mean, right? They’re those questions you get asked at a cocktail party right after you tell someone what you do:

  • *  How does [your business] apply to me?
  • *  Why did you get into [your business]?
  • *  What motivates you?
  • *  How can I get started with [your business]?
  • *  What do I need to know to be smart about [your business]?
  • *  How can [your product or service] help me?
  • *  If I’m just learning about [your field of expertise], what do I need to know first?

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    Simplify Complex Marketing Issues to Drive More Business

      At Outdoor WebResults (OWR) the focus is to create solutions that make it simple when you market your business across many advertising platform types.

      The goal is to drive as many customers your way using both online and traditional methods to improve the way your customer engages with you.

      The solutions we create are not just technology features or business marketing changes that bring more revenue; they also take into account the people that are using your marketing arena as well as those likely to consume your products and services, to position "you as an authority" in your field.

      The end result is to brighten your life as a business owner and to energize the satisfaction level of your customers.

      We believe the business growth solution we provide you, should be empowering to use and maintain.
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      "Giving you your ideal customer, while adding value to your business, is our passion."